Cibus Innovation Corner

Cibus is also innovation. This is why the 2020 edition is committed to displaying the latest innovations in the Food & Beverage sector by organizing specific areas and events devoted to explore new scenarios in the food industry.

This year too, “CIBUS Innovation Corner” area will host the most innovative products selected by a panel of experts powered by FOOD.NET

The products shortlisted and displayed in the area will be grouped according to 6 innovation trends:
• Regionality and strengthen of the territory
• Innovative recipes
• Innovative packaging
• Service innovations able to respond to changing consumers’ needs.
• Innovations for sustainability and supply chain.
• New sensory properties and new flavors.

Only the product innovations presented by March 16 will be considered by the panel of experts and will have the possibility to be exhibited in the Innovation Corner area.

For further information, please contact: