Food supplements, protein-rich food and the future of nutraceutical: those are certainly very sensitive issues in our sector. “Endurance” is surely among the most innovation-oriented focuses of Cibus Connecting Italy 2023 edition.

The area provides the visitor with a complete perspective on the present and future growth of
food supplements, and features not only the principal category captains but also some appealing emerging brands.

In the very heart of the area, an apposite arena hosts several events and meetings, exploring nutrition and many relate topics. The project is developed in partnership with Endu, a digital platform for those who love, experience and conceive sport as their own way of life. The researcher, writer, radio and tv presenter Elena Casiraghi invites and meets on stage a huge number of nutrition experts, doctors, professors and top-level Italian athletes, in order to analyze together both data and emerging trends, by enriching the programme with many significative experiences and valuable evidences from the industry.

Main topics of the area

Present and future growth of healthy food in large-scale distribution
new challenges for category managers
nutritional intake in a modern rich-in-protein diet
the role of sportsmen experience in rich-in-protein business
Gyms and Pharma: the new specialist channel