Welcome to a special area strongly centered on product and process innovations.
This project is the fruit of a partnership with Hi-Food, a company from Parma, focused on the production of innovative ingredients, clean labels and high-value added products.

 Hi-Food is part of CSM Ingredients, pairing research, innovation and production of innovative ingredients. The area explores the future convergence of animal and vegetable feed and offers an overview on newly-implemented natural products, conceived to face new social, demographical, enviromental and commercial challenges.


The Cooking Shows

The area features a cooking station where visitors will undergo several tasting experiences, in order to discover innovative ingredients and new processing solutions for plant based food or supplements. These peculiar prototypes, developed in the Hi-Food laboratories, pair innovation and the capability of anticipating trends and consumers’ choices.


The Events

The area features some prestigious partners of the industry such as Momi – Food Valley, Dreamfarm, La Doria, Endori, Italcanditi e CSM Ingredients. The partners will present their own experience in the field and provide the visitors with so many insights on plant-based food market, such as purchasing drivers (deeply connected with the most common perception about sustainability and health) and new challenges to face.