Meat Category: Martini Alimentari an important player in the mass retail market

Meat Category: Martini Alimentari an important player in the mass retail market

Today the Martini Group is a large industrial and commercial entity, which crosses the entire agro-food chain, thanks to an integrated structure, which counts on top-level technical and scientific support.

The group makes use of laboratories, research centers, and plants, for the selection and breeding of the best pork, chicken and rabbit meat, which also follows the stages of slaughtering and processing; from cutting to the preparation of specialties ready to be cooked or to be found, in a few minutes, in the oven or a pan.

The two divisions of the group: zootechnics and food, distinct but complementary, offer the market, at all levels, the highest quality, respecting tradition and a natural vocation for innovation.

During the webinar organized by Fiere di Parma Cibus on meat, as part of the Cibus Lab program, the speech of the commercial director of Martini Alimentare, Gianni Ceccarelli, goes thus:



D: Who is MARTINI ALIMENTARI in three words?

A: It is a company that has 100 years of history, one of the very few companies with an integrated vertical supply chain on three animal species, pig/chicken/rabbit. We, therefore, manage all the steps, from animal husbandry to the finished product and the meat is 100% Italian.

Q: Do you consider the distrust that existed among consumers until a few years ago exhausted, and how do the consumer today see the meat?

A: Over the years, we have had several food scandals. We have had many opportunities to make people understand what we were doing. I believe that these great problems that we have had in the sector have allowed us to explain to the consumer what we were doing, with extreme clarity. We did this to make him feel calm and certain of what he was eating with extra safety given that the animal species that the company offers on the market and those we deal with are self-sufficient and 100% Italian.


Participation of  GIANNI CECCARELLI (Sales Director Martini Alimentari)


Q: what has the large retail trade done in your opinion to know how to ride this new consumer confidence?

A: In the last few years, if we look at the counter, this has changed importantly, and it is enough to think of all the concepts of the supply chain, of growth of the counter under the aspect of items. Today, if we look at it, there are important chain items, from production, to antibiotic resistance, to animal welfare. Today, there are certainly many more guarantees and information for the consumer.

Q: how important is innovation in the meat world?

A: Very much. Today we are faced with a consumer who is constantly changing, constantly evolving, very aware, very demanding, but with a great desire to change the old preconceptions of meat. Today, the companies that oversee these markets in the modern world, have the need, first and foremost, to present the product with a lot of service content and innovation.

Q: let’s talk about large-scale distribution. In recent years, we can only notice a great growth in the discount channel and this growth goes hand in hand with the growth of market shares in the world of fresh and even meat. Do you consider the offer of current discounters to be up to date?

A: Today, this channel has an impressive speed of execution. They decide very quickly, they know exactly where to go and they are growing a lot. Just think of the great implementation of their counters and the number of their references, this is a very dynamic channel today.