Mec Carni: high quality from the Piemontese breed so much appreciated in Europe

Mec Carni: high quality from the Piemontese breed so much appreciated in Europe

The mission of MEC Carni is to provide its consumers with good, healthy products with high service component. Health goes through a healthy and balanced dietary style in a world increasingly aware of the importance of this combination. Mec Carni, for these reasons, is aware that this can only happen through respect for the environment and the cycles of nature. Mec Carni is a historical company in the market of meat, its slaughtering and processing, and for some years now, it has decidedly aimed to occupy a privileged position in the premium segment. This is thanks to the Piedmontese meat, adding to it’s value that increases the drive towards the needs of the modern consumer. These qualities have led the company to seek success also in the international field. During the webinar, within the Cibus Lab program dedicated to meat, the speech of Nicola Berti, export manager of the company, was very interesting.



Q: MEC Carni aims at foreign markets with what strategy?

It is a company in strong evolution that is establishing itself mainly through two strategic issues. The first is the selection of high quality raw material conferred by the Piedmontese breed, the second is the strong added value content determined by the service component of the product itself.  We are achieving an important success in Germany, thanks to the collaboration with an important player in the mass retail market, Kaufland, which started in 2019. Despite the difficulties of premium products like ours, the results are good.

Q: Is there a referential concept of Made in Italy also in this market?

In the product categories such as pasta and oil, the Made in Italy brand is by definition present in its added value regardless of the product. In meat, there is not such a strong aspect but there is an important differential aspect linked more to territoriality: our Piedmontese meat is increasingly recognized abroad as high-quality meat. However, this is not enough to allow a success factor. To integrate this, it is necessary to highlight another type of aspect that is linked to the Italian spirit, and which is characterized by “know-how”, i.e. being able to combine high quality raw materials with the ability to know how to mix them, arriving at an effective industrial processing process capable of producing a product of excellent level. Abroad, the Piedmontese breed is establishing itself as a meat with a high positioning, and this factor bodes well at a time where we are attentive to health. It is a meat with a very low content of saurian fat, therefore appropriate for those who suffer from high cholesterol levels, both for Italians and for European consumers.


Participation of  NICOLA BERTI (Export Director MEC Carni)


Q: Is innovation in the category important?

The world of meat has a greater difficulty in detaching itself from its roots.  Just think of the nomenclature of anatomical cuts that still vary from region to region. At the center must be the consumer, and today its evolution has been able to lead the industry to produce products closer and closer to its needs. Specifically, we make quality products intended for excellent palatal taste. Over the years, we have combined this component with the concept of health, with nutritional values in line with this. The next step has moved to “time save” with the creation of “ready to eat” products. An additional service component leads to the realization of already cooked items.

Q: The distinctive features of Mec Carni in two words?

Our Piedmontese breed, and in detail the Fassona beaten, and the IRI AT 2020 data have attributed to the sales of this product a market share of 23% in volume and 26% in value of the Italian market. It is a niche product where we are leaders in the field of beaten and tartare which is widely accepted by the customer.