Tomato Derivatives: published the first e-book for International buyers

Tomato Derivatives: published the first e-book for International buyers

The first manual resulting from the collaboration between GDONews and Fiere di Parma Cibus deals with the category of tomato derivatives and is now in publication. It is not just a book intended for Italian buyers with sales analyzes, with studies on the performance of market players and with several interviews with top representatives: it wants to represent a reliable reference for the thousands of buyers and international importers of the Cibus mailing list. who will receive the e-book translated into English.

The E-book Manual is very useful for deepening the knowledge of Italian companies in the sector, to get an idea of ​​their respective characteristics on the market but also to learn about their ability to know how to make a profit. The book highlights the relationships between retail and industry in Italy and in the world, and anticipates the result of the 2020 harvest of industrial tomatoes, useful information for the Italian and world mass market to verify the construction of new price lists.

With this initiative, part of the broader Cibus LAB project which will see the creation of a series of webinars (on the topics of manuals and more) in which Italian buyers, foreign buyers and importers and industry will participate, an evolutionary process begins. which intends to combine the online fair in an innovative and systematic way with the on-site fair, in an advanced matching project.

GDONews is the partner who must give substance to the project, the magazine is already a reference for the Italian mass market retail for the studies and analyzes with which it has distinguished itself over the years, today its know-how is available to Cibus to contribute to internationalization of the Italian industry in the world.

Why is the first e-book about tomato products? September represents the period of conclusion of the tomato harvest and conservation, also because it is a very competitive market that has always seen the mixture of two different needs.

The second manual will be aimed at the frozen food category: it will be released on October 26, followed in early November by a webinar with the leading players in the Italian and foreign large-scale retail trade, continuing the process of evolution of the concept of the Fair.