Plug and Play District

Plug and Play Italy, the innovative platform that brings the Silicon Valley mindset to Italy, gathers together the most innovative Italian and international startups committed to fighting food waste and making agri-food systems more sustainable.


Bext360 is the Saas platform that through blockchain measures and improves the traceability of the environmental impact from producer to consumer.

Polymateria provides a tailored biodegradable solution for conventional plastic packaging, aiming to stem the global plastic pollution endemic.

Macai allows customers to order their favorite products online and receive them at home or in the office in a few clicks and in less than 15 minutes.

Whywaste develops software solutions to improve in-store processes for grocery retailers. Positively, stores which are using Whywaste’s solutions have been able to cut their food waste by over half, saved hundreds of labor hours, and made sure that no customer ends up with expired products.

Kaffe Bueno is an ingredients company using green chemistry and biotechnology to upcycle coffee’s post-consumption by-product into active and functional ingredients for cosmetics, nutraceuticals and functional foods.

Zeroed makes sustainability easy and convenient by suggesting better purchasing choices for the environment, the community, and themselves.

EverGrain Ingredients create sustainable, nutritious, and functional ingredients for foods, beverages, and nutraceuticals from the power of barley, one of nature’s ancient grains.

FlavorWiki is a digital market research company that is revolutionizing the way the food industry collects, analyzes and leverages consumer insights across all relevant purchase drivers.

Xylene offers a transparency and traceability solution for producers and importers to take control over their supply chain and comply with legislations and certifications and protect their brand reputation.