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Milk&Dairy, a mature sector.

Online from 15/06/2020

Milk&Dairy, a mature sector. Sales boom after lockdown for COVID 19

With a business turnover of approximately 8.5 billion Euro, the Milk & Dairy sector is one of the largest in Packaged Foods markets. During the year to date at February 2020, sales in value grew by 1.6% compared to the previous year, while sales in volume were stable, confirming the sector’s substantial maturity. The Coronavirus emergency changed Italian buying and consumption habits and caused a transfer from Out of Home to In-Home consumption. The Milk & Dairy sector benefited from this dynamic and all markets showed a sharp rise in sales: +27.1% for Cheeses, +62.8% for Butter, +18.5% for UHT Milk, +32.5% for Cream/Bechamel.

Confectionery Products


Slight drop in Sweet Snack Market

The Sweet Snack market has a business volume of approximately 1.9 billion Euro, with over 1.300.000 tonnes of products sold in the Year to Date at January 2020 and accounts for around 11% of the Food Industry turnover. Compared to last year, there is a slight fall in both value and volume (-0.8% and -1.1%).

Food products industry in 2019


The Fresh Products segment is the driving market

In 2019, Fast Moving Consumer Goods showed signs of growth within an area of overall maturity of the Italian consumption system, closing the year with a + 1.7% growth in value and + 1.4% in volume.