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An area conceived by ITA Agency and developed by Future Food Institute, Federalimentare and Crédit Agricole, which represents the food revolution, relating human beings, technology and food as an engine of change and a key tool to create a healthier and sustainable World. A path through innovative start-ups, animated by dialogues on the future of the agrifood sector, new professions linked to food industry and the correlation among food and sustainable business models.

Agri Networking Tools


Authentico helps consumers around the world to recognize the true original wine&food Made in Italy through a free app and allows to report fake food. Their mission is to offer an innovative approach to fighting the phenomenon of “Italian Sounding” about food imitation. In 2019 Authentico will allow the certification of the raw material through the blockchain food traceability.


Cooki is a software platform to manage food information for whole food Industry. Cooki is built on a strong needing of each food professional: being compliant with Eu. Reg. 1169/11. Cooki is the solution! It digitilises information and elaborates all the information in a while. A “Cooker” (cooki’s user) has only to input his/her recipes. A two minutes task. It’s Cooki that do the rest! In few seconds Cooki engine elaborates food compositions, allergens, cross-contaminations, food cost, nutrional facts. All this information is ready to be shared with other stackholders of Food Chain – b2b or Consumers – in different kind of possibilities: food labels, price cards, book of ingredients, food product technical sheets, menus. In a digital way too. Cooki has won many prizes and awards : SMAU Lamarck Prize, “Cibi Futuri” award from Intesa San Paolo, Acceleration path from TIM#WCap and many others. Today Cooki is applied all over Italy and appreciated by a community of over 200 clients: from simple food artisans to food chains/catering companies, leader of the market.


Emerge ( Le Village by Crédit Agricole Milano )  is the Italian Food platform where buyers can find all the Italian food suppliers. A place where buyers and food lovers can explore Italian food excellences, be inspired and directly get in touch with the producers! Buyers finally have a unique place to search for the right producer and the new innovative product.


Mashcream is a new way of experiencing the ice cream experience prepared in a rolled way. An innovative and concrete opportunity linked to the animation of the store and product diversification. The ice cream is prepared on a refrigerated plate that allows the preparation and whipping of the ice cream base in an express way. Each preparation makes each ice cream exclusive: an experience to be savored that starts from the choice of your favorite ingredients.


Startups from Reggio Emilia, which deals with the problems of waste and healthy food, enhancing the waste from the agri-food supply chain to transform it into supplements, ingredients, biodegradable bio-packaging, to increase the shelf-life of food.


Reolì Srl produces a new and revolutionary ingredient for the food industry and for the consumer, promoting an industrial scale an international patent which is the result of an extensive Italian  university research. The product  is an extra virgin oil cream and cocoa butter, completely vegetable, obtained through an innovative production process that allows to preserve and stabilize the nutritional and health properties of EVO oil. Reolì can be used as a ingredient for the preparation of desserts and bread (and not only). It guarantees fragrance and shelf life properties, which can be not obtained with liquid fats. It is therefore a real substitute of butter. It is 100% vegetable, cholesterol-free, lighter than butter with the taste and the beneficial properties of extra-virgin olive oil.


WellDone is a restaurant chain created in 2013 that offers its customers hamburger and trendy dishes thinking to taste and sustainability. In 2018 WellDone launched Beyond Burger, previewing it along with marketing investments. This kind of burger, coming from United States, was a news: a vegan pea-protein based product was never such similar as to its unsustainable animal version.
The meat not-meat conquered everyone: that’s why WellDone decided to launch the product in Ho.Re.Ca. professionals’ market.


Future Food Institute

Future Food is an inclusive network and inspirational platform that is sparking exponential positive change in the global food system, in an entrepreneurial way. One of the network’s main goals is education, an inspiration that nurtures the entire ecosystem through the international Food Innovation Program master, now in its third edition, the Food Innovation Global Mission, a Summer School, a Young Talent Academy, laboratories for primary schools and paths for Executive. At our core is the Future Food Institute – a center of excellence for food intelligence and a platform for future leaders in the food innovation ecosystem. Combined with our Living Lab, we are accelerating transformational innovations that are revolutionizing the food ecosystem.

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