Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions
for ticket holders and rules for visitors

Art.1 - Definitions
Organiser: Fiere di Parma S.p.A. and Federalimentare Servizi S.r.l.
Event: Cibus 2021
Ticket the valid document, correctly purchased or supplied, with varying rights, from the Organiser, the presentation of which permits the holder to access the event on the dates and opening times specified on the same.  The complete ticket must be shown to the reception staff, at the entrance and must be kept throughout the stay at the event.
Ticket Purchaser: the subject who purchases the Ticket from the Organiser.
Ticket Holder: the Ticket purchaser and/or anyone showing or owning the Ticket.
Business Operator: the subject who carries out professional activities in the sectors covered by the Event.
Art.2 - Access conditions, ticket price, ticket collection

2.1. Access to the Event is reserved to professional Operators with a valid entrance ticket and belonging to the following categories: food, ho.re.ca., Large Retail and Retail.
2.2. The Ticket price is the one shown on the Ticket itself.  All prices include VAT.
2.3. Tickets can be purchased only and exclusively following registration; the Operator shall:

a) fill out the registration form providing the personal data requested and guaranteeing that they are complete and true. The TAX ID and data necessary to check it are requested with the purpose of monitoring access to the Events;
b) acknowledge the Privacy Policy;
c) accept this Regulation.

2.4. The Ticket is nominative and contains the operator data in its QR-Code, namely: name, surname, company and mail address.  Since the Ticket is nominative, it cannot be assigned to third parties.

Art.3 - VAlidity of tickets and prohibitions

3.1 Access to the Event is granted only to Holders of valid tickets purchased from or supplied for various reasons (e.g. invitation coupons) by the Organiser through official channels.

3.2 The Organiser is not obliged to replace Tickets that have been lost, deteriorated, damaged, destroyed, stolen or illegible.

3.3 It is absolutely forbidden to re-sell the Ticket for profit, unless specific deals have been made with the Organiser with third parties.

3.4 Furthermore, the Ticket cannot be transferred or given to third parties for commercial, advertising or promotional purposes without the Organiser’s prior authorisation. In the event Tickets were purchased by third parties or in the event a Ticket were stolen, counterfeited, not legible, copied, the Ticket Holder shall not be authorised to access the Event.

Art.4 - Cancellation of event - ticket refund

4.1 The Organiser reserves the right to cancel and/or reschedule the Event planned.  In this case the ticket refund will be granted exclusively in case of cancellation and/or rescheduling by the Organiser according to the procedures established by applicable law.

4.2 The Ticket Holder also acknowledges that some facts, such as adverse climatic conditions, security or public order reasons, causes of force majeure or other organisational factors not attributable to the Organiser may imply changes of dates and opening hours of the Event.  Any and all liability of the Organiser shall be excluded in these situations.

4.3 The Organiser shall not be in any way liable for any additional cost, charge, expense or damage borne or suffered by the Ticket Holder.

Art.5 - Rules governing access and stay at the venue during the event

5.1 Ticket Holders shall respect the rules displayed at the entrance, inside the venue and on the website; furthermore, they shall comply with the directives that the Organiser may consider necessary and that will be notified for technical or organisational reasons.

5.2 To access and stay inside the venue, Ticket Holders shall comply with the following provisions:

  1. Ticket Holders accept and comply with these Terms and Conditions;
  2. Ticket Holders shall behave in compliance with the legislation in force on public order and security, and shall not jeopardise the security of the Event in general or of its visitors;
  3. Ticket Holders shall not interrupt or disturb or try to interrupt the regular course of activities during the Event;
  4. Ticket Holders shall pay the greatest attention and use maximum caution and diligence during the Event, and shall follow the warnings and behavioural rules displayed inside the venue or near it.

5.3 Entrance is forbidden to people under 18, unless specifically agreed with the Organiser.

5.4. School visits are allowed only if accredited in advance and on the days specified by the Organiser.  Non-accredited school visits shall not be granted access to the event.

5.5. Dogs are not admitted inside the Exhibition Centre with the exception of guide dogs for the blind.

5.6.  It is strictly forbidden to carry inside the Exhibition Centre devices that may be hazardous for the physical security of people attending the Event.

5.7 As a prerequisite to access the Event, Ticket Holders give their consent to security checks and any necessary control activity, including with the use of metal detectors, before and during the visit of the venue.  As part of the mentioned control and security checks, and to prevent the unauthorised entrance of the materials and substances mentioned in paragraph 5.6 herein, Ticket Holders may be asked to show the content of bags, rucksacks or any other piece of luggage or personal belongings carried.

5.8 In carrying out checks, the staff in charge of security services and checks hired by the Organiser may also carry out the following activities:

a. preliminary checks:

  • Preliminary general inspection of the Event venue to check for the presence of any unlawful substances or prohibited items, as well as any other material that may be used improperly thus jeopardising the safety or health of people with the obligation of immediate reporting to the Police Forces and other competent public Authorities or bodies;
  • Adoption of any initiative useful to prevent the presence of obstacles or hindrances on the way to escape routes and anyway to ensure the regular performance of entertainment activities;

b. checks at entry:

  • Monitoring of entrances to the Event and regulation of visitor flows;
  • Verifying possession of a valid Ticket and, in case of nominative Ticket or minimum age for access, verifying ID document and compliance with the provisions governing access;
  • General supervision of people aimed at checking any presence of unlawful substances, forbidden objects or material that may be dangerous for public safety or for the health of people with the obligation of immediate reporting to Police Forces and other competent public Authorities or bodies;

c. checks inside the areas where Event activities take place:

  • General supervision to check compliance with the provisions, obligations or behavioural rules established by public or private bodies;
  • Support in first aid procedures, which does not imply carrying out public functions, using force or other means of coercion, or exposing to risk, aimed at preventing or stopping conducts or situations that may be hazardous for the health or safety of people. All this without prejudice to the obligation of reporting immediately to Police Forces and other competent public Authorities or bodies, which shall be given maximum support if requested.

5.9 Inside the venue it is forbidden to adopt behaviours that may give rise to situations of danger and/or jeopardise the personal safety of the Ticket Holder or third parties and/or any behaviour against public order and/or morality and/or that may in any way interfere with the regular course of the event and the activity of the Organiser. Examples of such behaviours are: smoking in non-smoking areas, gambling, unauthorised collection of money, promotional, individual or group activities, any form of advertising or marketing performed with any means and not authorised by the competent offices of the Organiser, protests linked to trade unions or political or religious bodies, sale of goods by non-authorised entities or in non-authorised places, sale of Tickets, unauthorised transmission and/or recording of data for commercial purposes through cellular phones or other instruments (video cameras, cameras, recorders, etc.), access of unauthorised reporters and journalists with recording equipment and/or video cameras, cameras, attempts to access reserved areas, unauthorised requests for money or other goods (e.g. for music or entertainment activities at the entrance or inside the venue, betting, touting, etc.).

5.10 The breach of the above provisions shall be reported to the competent Authorities by the Organiser.  Furthermore, the Organiser reserves the right to claim for compensation of the damage suffered.

Art.6 - Videos, photos and recordings

6.1 Ticket Holders give their consent to be photographed, filmed or recorded by the Organiser or third parties instructed by the Organiser inside the venue.  The Organiser or third parties instructed by the Organiser are authorised to broadcast, publish, grant use and use photos, images, videos, recordings taken inside the venue and showing Ticket Holders without these being entitled to any money consideration or indemnity.  The Organiser or third parties instructed by the Organiser and anyone purchasing from them the right to use the above material shall not be liable towards the Ticket Holders for any use of such material that is allowed by the applicable law.

6.2 Buying the Ticket, Ticket Holders also acknowledge that some external and internal areas of the Exhibition Centre are equipped with video-surveillance systems and that the recorded images shall be processed in compliance with the Privacy provisions governing the processing of personal data and the civil and criminal law provisions in force concerning unlawful interference with private life. In case of crimes or particularly relevant events in terms of public order and security, these images shall be made available upon request by judicial authorities and/or the judicial police.

6.3 Images, videos and sound recordings taken on the venue by Ticket Holders with a camera, video camera or audio equipment cannot be used for purposes other than domestic or private use.  Therefore, Ticket Holders are not authorised to sell, grant in use, broadcast, publish or anyway exploit such material for commercial purposes.

Art.7 - General provisions

7.1 These Terms and Conditions, brought to the attention of Ticket Holders through their display near the points of sale of Tickets, also in electronic form or partly printed on the Tickets, are the only agreement existing between the Parties.  By showing the Ticket to the staff at the entrance, Ticket Holders confirm and accept these Terms and Conditions.

7.2 These Terms and Conditions, written in Italian language as the official language, are governed exclusively by the Italian law.  Any dispute concerning them shall be referred exclusively to the Law Courts of Parma.

Art.8 - Damage and liability

8.1 The Organiser shall not be liable for any damage caused to the Ticket Holders for facts not attributable to the Organiser, nor for damage caused by the Ticket Holders to third parties and/or their belongings.

8.2 The Organiser shall not be deemed liable for the consequences deriving from incautious or negligent behaviours of Ticket Holders.

8.3 Any accidents affecting Ticket Holders must be immediately reported to the surveillance staff so that they can check the conditions of places and things, and produce the relevant records; in any case, failure by the Ticket Holders to report immediately relieves the Organiser from any liability towards the Ticket Holders.

Art.9 - Personal data protection
The Organiser shall process the personal data provided by the Ticket Purchaser and Ticket Holder, including the data provided when accessing the Event, in compliance with the legislation in force on the protection of personal data. The Privacy Policy is available on the Organiser’s website.
Art.10 - Changes to the Regulation
The Organiser reserves the right to change this Regulation and any time and the updated version of the Regulation shall be published on the website of the Event and shall be effective immediately when published.