Carrefour in France makes high sell outs with Made in Italy products

Those who think that a large country like France, with a profound and high-quality gastronomic culture, is not so interested in Italian products are very much mistaken.

To confirm this, the speech given at the first webinar of the Cibus Lab project by Regis Fraudin, Category Manager of the French Carrefour Group of the épicerie category, and therefore of Italian products, was of great interest.

“The Mass Market Retail” – explained Fraudin – in France is worth about 100 billion euros and the grocery, within this turnover, has increased by about 5%”. And then he added “Carrefour France only in the categories that most express the made in Italy as tomato and pasta derivatives generate a sell-out of 270 million euros”, and it is not little if you consider that the sales of these two categories, throughout the Italian mass-market retail, does not even add up to 1.5 billion euros.

Watch the interview:

France is a large market for these segments and it is important for Italian producers to take advantage of opportunities such as the one to show themselves before the category manager who manages the categories for one of the most important groups in the world.

Carrefour is one of the market leaders in France and has faced the emergency period with an evolution of the offer and especially of the services for the consumer. The French have, to a large extent, resorted to online shopping and have become much more attentive to product quality. Italy and France are two countries where the kitchen takes on an important value.

Italy is considered an important country that expresses quality, the French consumer likes Italian products although they are placed, in the collective imagination, in the premium price range. For this reason, concluded Fraudin, it is necessary that the suppliers, who want to apply to become our suppliers, contribute by adapting their offer in the direction of the strategies of our company, that is very much aimed at carrying out an intense promotional action to increase sales and informative activities about the offer.