The International Food Exhibition is active on social networks.

The official Facebook fan page is @CibusParma
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We invite you to like our fan page on your personal profiles and company fan pages.
Facebook doesn’t use particular hashtags, but we invite you all the same to tag the @CibusParma fan page in all your posts relating to this project.
The Cibus Facebook page, with thousands of fans, is more consumer-oriented and therefore is the ideal channel for introducing your new products or services to the public of this event.
We invite you to follow the instructions at the end of the digital kit to facilitate the publication of these contents on the Cibus fan page.


The official Twitter profile is @CibusParma
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The profile has highly-qualified followers in the industry media, institutions and food & beverage companies. It usually becomes a trending topic during the event.

If you are not yet following the Cibus profile on Twitter, as a first step we invite you to follow @CibusParma on your personal and company profile.
The hashtag to include in tweets referring to the Cibus project and events is #Cibus – this way it will enter the stream of tweets related to the project on the website and it will be more easily traceable by interested users.
To tag the profile or send direct messages, simply tag @CibusParma


The discussion group
The Cibus group – Where Food Meets Business- has been active since 2014 on LinkedIn to discuss all the issues concerning the agri-food sector and shared with the Cibus brand.
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Currently the group has over 3,600 members, mainly users qualified in the food & beverage sector.
To participate, simply register and submit your contribution, which will be published after evaluation by the editorial staff. If you wish to suggest a discussion topic related to an area or product/service you are interested in for direct publication by the Cibus editorial staff, we invite you to contact us.

Official page
The Cibus International Food Exhibition page on LinkedIn provides the most important Cibus updates, from participation in national and international events to collaborations and news about the exhibition.
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The official Cibus Instagram profile has just been created and has great potential.
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Please follow @cibusparma, comment on content and share images and videos about Cibus.

Official hashtags: #cibus #cibusparma and #cibus2021


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Increase your business with Cibus social networks

The Cibus social team is available to arrange shared and synergistic activities on social networks (for example, retweeting your tweets about #Cibus and viceversa) so as to promote your business activities before and during the exhibition. We suggest that you always include, in addition to the mentioned @tags and #hashtags, the official logos of the event when building social content on Facebook and Twitter. This will make it easier for us to share your posts directly with the public.

For further information, to arrange social actions in advance, or suggest topics or contributions for LinkedIn discussions, please contact:

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