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Cibus delle idee

Sustainability and responsible innovation constitute a common thread destined to guide consumption trends in the coming years, both in Large Scale Retail and out-of-home channels. However, what is the state of sustainable innovation, and how do consumers respond to companies’ stimuli today? Let’s learn out more in the “Cibus delle idee” section.


Strategically located at the entrance of the Hall 7 (West entrance), “Cibus delle idee” is a large area that extends between Cibus Innovation – traditional showcase of product innovations – and the Cibus Startup Area. “Cibus delle idee” provide visitors with an interactive discover experience of several original ideas and initiatives that food companies implement to promote sustainable consumption and/or responsible behaviors. Each idea, campaign, or initiative is showcased as a mock-up of a food product, displayed in a special experiential stand. Visitors can vote for the idea (or ideas) that have impressed them the most, contributing live to a sort of “approval ranking”.

May 7-10, 2024
9:30 - 18:00 except for the last day, May 10, 2024, where the last allowed entry is at 1 p.m. and the event closes at 3 p.m.