Caffè Vergnano: tradition, quality and responsibility

Caffè Vergnano: tradition, quality and responsibility

The importance of Caffè Vergnano, a historic Italian roasting company, known and undisputed within the national market, is one of the oldest of the Italian coffee leaders. It takes its strength from the founding family’s fundamental presence, which has continued uninterrupted for 135 years, now in the fourth generation.

Caffè Vergnano, “La Casa del Caffè” wants to stand out on the market for the quality of its production, thanks to which, over the years, has been able to gain a solid positioning in the high range within the vast Italian market. It is made up of hundreds of other roasters, just as it has also been able to establish itself in foreign markets, where Caffè Vergnano products are recognized mainly for the care with which the coffee is roasted.

A constant commitment that is applied already at the origin of the supply chain, in the selection of green coffee itself, to which Vergnano applies a strict selection thanks to meticulous research and a solid knowledge of the raw material.


(Export Manager Usa/Canada – Vergnano Coffee)


Efforts that earn the company quality and safety certifications, which today are essential for accessing and establishing itself in the various international markets, considering that in just 20 years, the company has managed to consolidate business relationships in about 90 countries worldwide.

The history and corporate culture of Caffè Vergnano bring the company to the awareness of the benefits that a green approach to production brings to the environmental system. By virtue of this, it can be considered a pioneer of sustainability since 2015, especially in relation to the single-portion assortment. Their pods are fully compostable, an innovation that earned them the title “Product of the Year” and the Fabi award in 2018.

Attention to the environment, in addition to the social one, Carolina Vergnano, CEO and expert department and marketing director, created an innovative project related to women in the world of coffee last year, which she still carries on today.

In 2020 Vergnano launched a new packaging consisting of 50% recycled PET in compliance with responsible behavior towards environmental sustainability with the desire to increase this percentage to 100% by the end of 2021.