CRM Ltd.: the piadina knows how to please consumers

CRM Ltd.: the piadina knows how to please consumers

CRM Ltd. was founded in 1974 by the joint experience of Renzo Montagnani and Carla Rebecchi, increasing over almost 50 years their expertise on the world of piadina, a genuine product deeply linked to tradition. In 2018 the private equity company Aksia group SGR Ltd. acquired full control of CRM through the Aksia fund, which lead the company to a corporate reorganization. A market-focused vision and a mission toward product diversification, finding the right balance between tradition and innovation to strengthen its market presence. The CEO, Marco Vespasiano, brought his testimony to the workshop dedicated to savory bakery, discussing the CRM’s recent transition.


The reorganization has been put in place starting with the addition of new managerial figures in the company, with the aim of consolidating and developing a large and interesting market both in Italy, from which CRM gets 83% of its turnover, but also abroad, where the company has been present for some years, obtaining about 15% of its earnings. This has been possible thanks to the help of Aksia, the investment fund that has supported CRM in the process of reinvention and improvement. The investments made today make CRM a structured reality capable of facing a continuously evolving market, which despite the pandemic still has grown.


(CEO – Casa della Piada CRM)


CRM products fall into the category of long shelf life but, at the same time, their strength lies in the choice of ingredients: simple, genuine and, to quote Vespasiano directly, “few but right”. Herein lies the plus of CRM, which thus satisfies the needs of the consumer. Piadina is becoming part of our daily lifestyle, especially with the current pandemic, replacing fast food and favoring homemade foods that see these products as its protagonists. With a strategy focused on customer loyalty, CRM focuses on the freshness and simplicity of the product offered to the consumer, aiming at a vertical vision in order to make the product appealing, also through a renewal of the brand image. The rebranding has allowed to make communication clear and immediate, two fundamental characteristics that also involve the shelf. Presenting a varied, interesting and innovative assortment, avoiding redundancy: this, according to Vespasiano, is the best strategy to achieve a high-level performance.


Piadina has always been relegated to concepts of traditionality and regionality, but this product can be so much more thanks to its intrinsic qualities, such as versatility both in terms of use and target consumption. This is why Vespasiano wants to emphasize how necessary variety in stores is today to give piadina the right emphasis. In conclusion, quoting the CEO himself: “Nowadays it is important to clarify the opportunity of the product, its simplicity, its diversity and its ability to be used at various times of the day.”